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Always Classy – Install a Black Mesh Fence for Your Pool

Black Is The New Black!

Black is timeless when it comes to style in fashion garments and any other environments for that matter. While the lime green dress in a women’s closet is already considered tacky in the fashion world, a little black dress is always classy.

The same thought applies to a black mesh fence over a colored one. If you want your pool space to look classic and refined, go for a black safety fence.

What are the Benefits of a Black Safety Fence

Are you unsure if a black fence is the right color decision for your pool? Here are some of the benefits of choosing this dark, light absorbing shade.

Complementary Style

Trendy colors go in and out of style, but a black pool fence matches with almost everything. Even if you paint your home or update your furniture, your black fence will still pair well. It also helps in avoiding a sharp contrast with décor. Whether you’re having a pool party with pizza for the kids, or an adults-only meal outside, a vibrantly colored fence would be eye-catching and memorable in the wrong way. Black is complementary with most, if not all, color themes.


As the late fashion icon, Coco Chanel said, “Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance.” The color black is chic, sophisticated, and it lends well to the creation of a formal atmosphere. Bright colors, on the other hand, can look juvenile. While this is great if you have children, do you really want to worry about replacing your black mesh fence when they get older?

black mesh fence

Less Maintenance

Black can camouflage stains or at least make them less visible than white or another light color. It’s the reason why many restaurant uniforms are all black. A black mesh fence will require less cleaning and maintenance than a lighter color since the darker shade can disguise dirt.


Bright colors reflect more light and stimulate the eyes. A darker fence color, like black, is less irritating, especially with the sun shining on it. While relaxing in or by the pool, you don’t want to experience a jarring sensation from looking at a blinding white fence.

Black is a simple and often understated color. It makes the green and other colors of your landscaping pop while lending a sense of privacy to your pool fence. Is it time to install your black safety fence? Contact Katchakid now to schedule your free, no-obligation estimate!