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Catchakid, Catch a Kid, or Katchakid?

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What’s In A Name?

Catchakid, Catch a kid, or Katchakid pool safety net? Names are powerful mediums for expressing a person or an item’s true nature, so when deciding on a name for his new pool safety cover, inventor Blair Esson wanted a unique name, one that would represent what his pool barrier would be to its end user.

A Catch or To Catch

As a noun, a Catch is a device for securing something such as a door, or a window. As a verb the word Catch means to intercept and hold something that has been thrown, propelled, or dropped. The Catchakid Pool Safety Net, acts in like manner to the “Catch” noun and verb by helping to secure or hold a child safe.

Safety Net

Of course the moniker “pool safety net” was an obvious choice as the pool cover is made of mesh netting material. However, we feel there is a deeper meaning. A safety net is a term used to describe a measure that is put in place as a safeguard, a backup catch-all level of protection for a possible breakdown of regular procedure or unforeseen crisis. In the same way, our Catchakid, Catch A Kid, Katchakid pool safety net cover is present as an additional layer of protection for lapses of adult supervision -a safety net for the unexpected times when a caregiver may be distracted by one of life’s daily tasks.

Catchakid, Catch A Kid
Even Super Heroes Need a Safety Net!

Catchakid, Catch a Kid, Katchakid Pool Safety Net

Bottom-line, it doesn’t matter by what spelling of our name you came to find your Catchakid, Catch a Kid, or Katchakid (the actual spelling) pool safety net, the resulting outcome is the same; a quality trusted pool safety barrier that has your back, helping to protect you and your loved ones.

The Katchakid pool safety net is one layer of protection you can install around your pool. Drowning prevention advocates recommend multiple layers of protection. Read our ABC’s on pool safety and review The Pool Safely Campaign’s recommendations for how to make your pool a safer place.