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Charla’s Golden Net Ticket : Michelle

The First Golden Ticket

This year we celebrate Katchakid’s 50th year. One way we’re honoring our remarkable milestone is by supporting our local families and communities. Throughout 2022, each team member of Katchakid Pool Safety will select one deserving family to bestow a golden ticket, redeemable for a fully installed pool safety net.

The first golden ticket has been presented to a family selected by Charla Trout, a sales team member for Katchakid in Dallas.

“I selected Dallas mother and Navy veteran, Michelle, who recently experienced a dangerously close call when her two-year-old son fell in their family’s swimming pool and nearly drowned,” said Charla. “We are so thankful that her son is in stable condition now, and beyond grateful we could assist her family with this gift of a safety net system to provide enhanced safety and peace of mind.”

Each year, nearly 900 children and adolescents in the U.S. die from unintentional drowning; a harrowing reminder of the importance of reliable pool safety equipment. Katchakid specializes in swimming pool safety barriers including pool safety nets, and removable pool fences to prevent accidental drownings. Each safety barrier is meticulously developed, rigorously tested and perfected to offer a modern solution to pool safety.

Members of the community can take part in the decision by calling their local Katchakid office and nominating a family in need.