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Want to get the most out of our systems? We want to help! Explore our helpful advice section below to explore insights into how to maximize our pool netting, gates, and mesh products to keep you and your family safe. Strengthen the safety of our barriers, learn more about how to maintain our systems, or simply discover some things you might not have known about our products. Get the most from your purchase with the following helpful advice from our professional team.

Pool Gate Adjustments

Gate Latch

Fences and gates can shift due to ground settling, environmental factors, and general use and abuse. Latches, locks, and hinges must be readily adjustable for vertical and horizontal alignment or self-closing tension to ensure that gates work reliably and safely at all times.

How to adjust your Magna Latch:


Gate Hinges

If the gate fails to swing back to position, the hinges may need to be reloaded.

7 Ways To Reduce Evaporation

Restrictions in California and around the U.S. to reduce water usage likely have you thinking about conserving every last drop. As a swimming-pool owner, your pool water evaporation rate is one area where you can take precautionary steps to preserve as much water as possible. Learn more about what you can do to save water.

Removing & Replacing Your Katchakid Pool Safety Net

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