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Welcome to your local Katchakid Houston pool safety location installing in Houston pool fence, pool safety nets and pool debris covers. Serving Houston, The Woodlands, and The Greater Houston pool area.

Katchakid – 45 Years Of Drowning Prevention

With the soaring summer temperatures and high humidity percentages a pool in Houston, Texas brings cooling fun, relaxation and beauty into our lives. But, a swimming pool comes with serious safety issues and obligations. Creating durable, dependable and aesthetically pleasing swimming pool safety nets, pool covers and pool fences, Katchakid, Inc. has been providing the ultimate answer in drowning prevention and peace of mind to parents and caregivers for over 45 years.

Drowning is Preventable

Drowning is preventable and it is the responsibility of all Houston pool owners to make sure their swimming pool and spa has a secure, effective,  and reliable pool safety barrier. Pool safety nets and pool fences have proven themselves to be effective preventative methods for shielding an open pool. With excellent quality and premium color options, both Katchakid Houston pool safety barrier systems are tried and trust. Call us to learn more on which product is right for you and how you can make your pool a safer place.

Tired Of Skimming?

If clearing up seasonal debris is stealing all of your valuable leisure time, stop skimming and install a Katchaleaf mesh pool cover. The Katchaleaf makes your winter pool beautiful again, while reducing chemical and water usage.

Contact our Houston & The Woodlands office for a free in-home, no-obligation consultation. We are here to answer your questions and look forward to being of service!

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You Keep It Fun – We Help To Keep It Safe

Pool Fences

Add a swimming pool barrier that helps protect children from entering the pool area unsupervised. Fitted for any pool shape, our pool safety fences keep your swimming pool safe and give you quick, easy access – while keeping your pool area beautiful.


Pool Safety Net

An innovative pool safety net system with a 40-year plus proven safety record. No child has ever drowned in a swimming pool protected by a correctly installed Katchakid. Our pool safety nets meet strict ASTM safety codes and make it easy to enjoy your pool safely with color options and easy removal and replacement.


Pool Cover

When the priority is less time spent cleaning, our custom-shaped mesh pool leaf cover keeps out leaves, twigs, and bugs. Rainwater drains right through, so you’re not left cleaning your pool leaf cover – there are no puddles to contend with – just a beautiful pool leaf cover solution that keeps your pool clean and ready to enjoy when you want.


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