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Jenn’s Golden Net Ticket : The Owens Family

pool netThe Owens Family of Phoenix is a recipient of a free safety net to protect their children around the pool

PHOENIX, February 2023 – Katchakid Inc., creator of the renowned pool safety net, has announced the second recipient of their “Golden Safety Net Ticket” campaign to award families who are in need of pool safety equipment to protect their children.

The Owens family of Phoenix specially built their backyard pool after their four-year-old son’s Leukemia diagnosis, because doctors advised them against using public pools for safety reasons during his treatment. Upon installation of their pool, a local firefighter recommended the family look into the Katchakid safety net to keep their son Andrew safe while playing in the backyard.

According to the Phoenix Fire Department, drowning is the leading cause of accidental death for children under five in Arizona, with backyard pools being the most common site for these tragedies. Installing proper pool safety equipment, such as a Katchakid safety net, is crucial in preventing these accidents and saving lives.

“It looks great on the pool, we could not be any happier with the net, safety and peace of mind that it brings,” said the Owens family.

For five decades, Katchakid has helped prevent tragic pool accidents by providing and installing safety nets and systems for families all across the country. To honor this important milestone and support the communities it serves, Katchakid created the “Golden Safety Net Ticket” campaign to award families who are in need of pool safety equipment to protect their children.

“At Katchakid, we believe that there is nothing more important than ensuring the safety of children around the pool. Our Golden Safety Net Ticket campaign is a reflection of this belief, and we are thrilled that Jenn decided to gift her golden ticket to the Owens family with a fully installed safety net. We hope that this gift brings them the peace of mind they need, and serves as a reminder of the critical role that reliable pool safety equipment plays in preventing accidents and saving lives,” said Clare Esson, sales director for Katchakid. phoenix pool safety net

As part of the Golden Ticket campaign, each team member of Katchakid has been selecting one deserving family to bestow a golden ticket, redeemable for a fully installed safety net. Members of the community can take part in the decision by calling their local Katchakid office and nominating a family in need.

The first golden ticket was presented in April 2022 to a deserving family selected by Charla Trout, a sales team member for Katchakid in Dallas.

Katchakid phoenix specializes in swimming pool safety barriers including pool safety nets, removable pool fences, and leaf pool covers to prevent accidental drownings. Each safety barrier is meticulously developed, rigorously tested and perfected to offer a modern solution to pool safety.