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infographic warning not to prop a pool fence gate open

The Dangers Of Propping Open A Pool Fence Gate

Keep Your Pool Fence Gate Locked Shut

A google alert brought the sad news from Australia’s Gold Coast that 4-year old William Corben had been found floating face down in his neighbors pool. A pool fence gate, reportedly propped open, had allowed the boy clear, and unrestricted access to the pool.

The National Safe Kids Campaign study “Clear Danger -A National Study Of Childhood Drowning and Related Attitudes and Behaviors” (1) revealed an alarming commonality, that “In reviewed deaths where barriers were breached, 63% of victims entered through an open or unlocked gate.”

magna latch, keep your pool gate locked shut

The key-locking Magna Latch from D&D Technologies

The Australian brief report “Toddler Drowning in Domestic Swimming Pools” by C Blun and J. Shield (2) reports, “Children gaining access through gates without locks, or with faulty locks, confirm other studies identifying the gate as the principal weakness in the pool fence” and concerningly that “5% of Brisbane pool gates are propped open at any one time.”

Most modern removable pool fence systems include a pool gate that is self-closing and equipped with a key lockable safety latch. However, I would challenge that most pool owners do not use the key to keep their pool safety fence gate locked shut. Propping a pool fence gate open while servicing the pool, or undertaking yard work is all too common.

Education is key and William’s mother, Hayley Corben is determined to raise public awareness as to the all too real danger of such an unsafe practice, and the devastating potential consequences of such negligent action. Share this vital safety information to all pool owners that they should never prop the pool fence gate open and that they should always keep the self-latching gate key-locked shut. Read our Katchakid Code and the ABC’s of Pool Safety for more drowning prevention and pool safety information.