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2. Kids Pool Party – Poolside Playlist

Poolside Playlist

Hanging out by the pool is already the pinnacle of summer joy, but can you guess what makes this experience even better than it already is? You got it: a killer summer playlist. Whether you’re tanning on your lonesome, having some family time, or hosting one of your coveted summer pool parties, a sunny soundtrack will be sure to bring out the smiles (and hopefully, the dance moves). Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of summer jams for inspiration – even if you prefer the oldies or like to keep up with the “songs of the summer”, you’ll be sure to find something you like on this poolside playlist. 

Summer Playlist 2019 

  • Vacation – the Go-Go’s 
    • Just because you may not necessarily be on summer vacation doesn’t mean you can’t pretend to be, at least for the full three minutes of this ’80s hit. 
  • Summertime Magic – Childish Gambino 
    • This recent summer single is perfect for a vibey (one could say “magical”) day by the pool. 
  • Surfin’ USA – the Beach Boys
    • Getting back to the classics – no summer playlist is complete without some Beach Boys. 
  • Sucker – Jonas Brothers
    • Another favorite boy band is back and in full form, releasing what some think might be the song of summer 2019! 
  • Brighter Than the Sun – Colbie Callait 
    • This song is like a cold ice-cream cone on a hot summer day- sweet, refreshing, and impossible to consume without a smile. 
  • Party in the USA – Miley Cyrus
    • Turns out music actually can be a mood booster (no way!), or at least Miley says so in this 2009 hit. Put your hands up, play your song, and let those worries (or butterflies) fly away. 
  • Island in the Sun – Weezer
    • This song exemplifies a relaxed Southern California spirit, described by one critic as “so laid back it’s practically catatonic.” We’ll take that as positive feedback!
  • Boom Clap – Charli XCX
    • A simple pop hit that will be just as perfect as the sweet treats you’ll be serving at your pool party — stay tuned for a later post with some snack suggestions! 
  • Shake it Out – Florence and the Machine
    • If you’re not belting this song as if you have the powerhouse vocals of Florence Welch, then you’re not doing summer right. 
  • Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles 
    • On a cloudy day, turn on this song and hope for the best – if the sun still doesn’t come out, at least you’re still listening to the original heart-throb boy-band telling you everything’s gonna be okay. 
  • Rockaway Beach – the Ramones
    • Up the energy and jam out to this classic summer hit. 
  • Brown Eyed Girl – Van Morrison
    • This quintessential feel-good bop can’t be left out. 
  • Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa – Vampire Weekend
    • Even if you’re getting into the new Vampire Weekend album, don’t forget those songs that made us all want to be young students lounging in the sun on the Columbia campus green.
  • Dancing Queen – ABBA
    • Explanation deemed unnecessary!

For fresh poolside playlists and new music check out – Spotify, Amazon Music and Google Play Music!

Safety Always

While listening to these summer tunes by the pool, always remember to keep an eye on your kids and their friends, especially in a chaotic party setting. Hiring a lifeguard or designating a water-watcher is a crucial step to planning any successful event by the pool.

Don’t forget to shut down the pool when swim time is over. Remind the children that swim-time is finished and replace your pool safety cover, pool safety net and lock your pool gate shut. For further safety information, check out this link, and be sure to stay tuned for more pool entertainment posts!

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