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Katchakid is the leading manufacturer and installer of swimming pool safety nets. The pool safety net and its proprietary installation process, invented by Katchakid President Blair Esson in 1972, is now an integral part of the swimming pool barrier industry. Beginning in Southern Africa, Katchakid is now a globally recognized pool safety net manufacturer and a known and trusted name in the field of pool safety worldwide.

Katchakid has been securing pools for over 40 years; that’s four decades of pool safety. In addition to the Katchakid pool safety net, Katchakid is a leading manufacturer and installer of removable mesh pool fences, mesh pool leaf covers and pond safety nets. Katchakid offers four niche lines of business under the following trademarks:

  • Katchakid Pool Safety Net
  • Katchakid Pool Fencing
  • Protect-­A-­Pond Pond Safety Nets
  • Katchaleaf Mesh Pool Debris Covers
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    Other Products


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