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In Pennsylvania there are only a few months where you can enjoy the cool temperatures of your cool. The weather can get downright warm in the summer and nothing beats a dip in your pool But one very crucial thing to remember is that pools can be very enticing to little ones and many states have laws regarding pool safety so the smallest swimmers stay safe.

In Pennsylvania, those laws are very clear and though they might be a little expensive to follow, they are worth it. Be sure to research them carefully and include any county or city ordinances that may enhance the state law. Pennsylvania defines any area of water on your property that is at least 24 inches deep as a pool, so even a pond no one swims in can fall under the state pool laws.

In short, your pool must be enclosed by a fence. And all fences must be at least four feet tall and have a gate that closes and locks by itself. The distance between the rails on the fence cannot be less than 46 inches. Any pools that are above ground need to have a four foot perimeter around them and have a locking ladder or removable ladder. Kiddie pools have to be covered when the kids or dogs are not in them, and fenced off if they contain more than two inches of water. (Alternatively, if you don’t use it often, you can just empty your pool and turn it over.)

If you use your house has one of the sides of the fence around the pool, you need to have an alarm if there is a door or window open to the pool. In this case you may want to consider a safety fence from Katchakid. Our pool fences are removable and specifically designed as a swimming pool fence to help protect children from exposed open water by adding a layer of protection around your swimming pool.

Along with a safety fence, you can also consider a pool safety net from Katchakid. Why a Katchakid Pool Safety Net?

No child has ever drowned in a pool protected by a correctly installed Katchakid safety net. Our pool nets are reliable and durable, even in the most extreme conditions.

Our installation technicians go through an intensive certification program in order to meet our standards. Once they’re on the job, they can expertly install a Katchakid over any size or shape pool or open area of water that requires protection. We offer you responsive customer service, with trained representatives and technicians in Pennsylvania. If you have questions or your Katchakid requires any adjustment, we’re there for you.

Summers are warm and muggy throughout Pennsylvania, so pools come in very handy to cool off in. Overall, swimming is a great sport, but it has to be done safely.

We hope you have gotten a few tips you can use as your starting point to a fun and safe summer. Contact us today to learn more about our pool fences, pool covers and safety nets.

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