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Dog Pool SafetyPets Need to Be Kept Safe Too

Dog pool safety – Katchakid pool safety nets are often used to protect animals; an older dog going blind, a new puppy or pet owner nervous about leaving a pet in the yard with an unprotected pool.

Although most dogs can swim, they can quickly get into trouble when they can’t find the pool steps or shallow end to get out of a pool. Studies into dog pool fatalities sadly show a high percentage of the dogs had worn down their front nails scrabbling to get a grip on the pool wall so to leverage themselves out of the water. Preventing a dog from having access to a pool has additional benefits – impeding the buildup of pet hair in the water, and nail scratches and damage to the pool liner or plaster.

Some dog breeds will stay away from the pool while others such as Labradors and Alsatians are naturally attracted to water. It is going to depend on the dog breed and if the dog is drawn to water as to whether the cost of a Katchakid pool safety net is a worthy investment.

Dog Pool Safety Note:

Dog Pool SafetyThe mesh square size Katchakid uses should safeguard only a large breed puppy from an incident with a pool. Extra care is, therefore, required with a smaller breed puppy. There have been no reported occurrences of dogs getting tangled up in pool nets. A dog’s dexterity is surprising; most dogs can cross a net in seconds.

Pool safety nets are susceptible to animal chews. Some dogs will eat through the net mesh chasing after a toy or ball; we often see the path of damage follows your pools water flow so keep animal toys away from the pool area. If a dog persists in chewing on the net, there are some products readily available from pet stores that may help – such as citronella or bitter apple sprays. Nets stored in garages may become nesting material to rodents so if you are storing a pool safety net consider bailing it up and hanging it from a garage roof.

Minor damage to pool safety nets can be mended by replicating mesh squares with netting braid. For repairs contact your local Katchakid office to schedule a service call and to check the integrity of your pool net.

dog pool safetyFor more photos of our wonderful pets and children being kept safe check out our family and friends “Team Katchakid” gallery!

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