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With an incredibly hilly environment, people that live in Pittsburgh enjoy fitness year-round, but warmer temperatures offer a bit more ease for running up those hills! Of course, swimming is also great for fitness, and it’s wonderful if you also happen to have your own residential swimming pool! However, before you start your season of swimming, there are some important laws to remind yourself before you jump in the pool.

Pittsburgh is a part of Allegheny County, and it seems as though there are no additional laws regarding residential pool safety at the county-level. However, there are laws at the state-level that need to be respected if you have a private pool. Pennsylvania has formatted their laws on the International Residential Codes, and their definition of a swimming pool includes in-ground, above-ground, and at-ground pools, as well as hot tubs and spas.

For private pools, there must be a fence around the pool that is at least 4 feet high, with a space of no more than 2 inches between the bottom of the fence and the ground. To prevent adults and especially children from trying to go through the fence, the fence must also not have any openings that are larger than a sphere of 4 inches in diameter. Also, all gates or doors that are a part of the fence must be able to lock, and also must be self-closing and self-latching.

If you use one of the walls of your home as part of the fence to your pool, there must be an alarm fitted on the door to the pool or a safety net placed over the pool. If you have an above-ground pool, it’s important to remember to store or lock the ladder away when not in use.

There are many ways to further protect your family from a possible accident, and one way to do so is to purchase a Katchakid pool safety net. Perhaps you’ve been looking at different brands, but only Katchakid has the expertise and the technology to offer an extremely strong, durable, and effective pool safety net. The mission of our company stems from a very personal experience, so you know that it is in their best interest to supply you with a superior product.

No child has ever drowned in a pool protected by a correctly installed Katchakid safety net. Our pool nets are reliable and durable, even in the most extreme conditions. Our installation technicians go through an intensive certification program in order to meet our standards. Once they’re on the job, they can expertly install a Katchakid over any size or shape pool or open area of water that requires protection. We offer you responsive customer service, with trained representatives and technicians in Pittsburgh. If you have questions or your Katchakid requires any adjustment, we’re there for you.

So as you are enjoying summertime in Pittsburgh, remember to keep these things in mind for the safety of yourself and your family. When it comes to pool safety, contact us today to learn more about our pool fences, covers and safety nets.

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    Created by Katchakid in 1972, our innovative pool safety net cover has 40-year proven 100% safety record. Our pool safety net system meets stringent ASTM safety statutes, affording you one of the most secure pool barrier systems available today with the peace of mind you need. Endorsed by The American Lifeguard Association.

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    The Katchakid pool fence adds a vertical barrier, and has been specially designed to help prevent children from entering the pool area unsupervised. Fitted to any pool shape, our pool fence with its self-latching, key lockable gate helps to keep your swimming pool secure, and gives you quick, easy access.

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    Tired of wasting your valuable leisure time skimming your pool? The Katchaleaf custom-shaped mesh pool cover keeps out leaves, twigs, and bugs while allowing water to drain through. A perfect solution to keep your pool clean and ready to enjoy.

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