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Pool Fence Cost

How Much Does a Pool Fence Cost to Install?

For safety and convenience pool fences are popular pool barriers. A pool fence cost ranges, on average, between $1100.00 to $1900.00. Cost factors that will influence the final price may include – the fence height, selected poles, paint finishes and route layout. During a consultation, a Katchakid representative will help you decide on the fence route that is best for your family to maintain a high level of safety and aesthetics, all while staying within budget.

When you and our technicians plan the installation of a Katchakid removable pool fence, you want to make sure it will effectively block all access points to the pool area. Read our pool fence route planning guide for more helpful information.

A to B Pool Fence

pool fence cost

One of the more economical options is to route the pool fence from a point A to a point B. This option incorporates and attaches the pool fence to an existing structure such as a perimeter fence, garage or house wall. (Note: Perimeter fencing should be in good repair and of the required height. House and garage walls should be windowless.) An installation such as this will typically require about 40′ – 60′ feet of fencing plus the self-closing gate.

Isolation Pool Fence

An isolation pool fence, a fence that encircles the entire pool will typically require 60′ – 120′ feet of fencing with a self-closing gate.

Pool Fence Cost Additions & Variables:

  • Fence height – 4ft or 5ft.
  • Thickness of pole (Katchakid only installs as standard a premium strength pool fence)
  • Paint finishes – single powder-coat or the more expensive high end double painted hammer-tone finish.
  • Concrete work – slopes or pool fences routed over garden or dirt yard.
  • Elevation changes and special panels – steps, unique features, pillars, etc…
  • Terminal post requirements – end posts, reinforcement poles.
  • Location of the installation, degree of customization and technicality required.

Pool Fence Cost Ranges:

  • An average pool fence installation ranges from $1100.00 to $1900.00.
  • The average price per linear running ft is $14.00 – $20.00.
  • Self-closing, self-latching gates are priced from $350.00 – $450.00 each.

These prices are inclusive of installation charges in the markets Katchakid serves and should only provide a guideline for estimating a pool fence’s approximate cost. For an accurate quotation, contact us for a free pool fencing installation consultation.

Deciding which pool barrier best protects your family and meets your budget? Read our guidelines on determining a pool safety net cost and the pro’s and con’s of each pool safety system – pool safety fence vs. pool safety net.