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5 Reasons You Should Install a Pool Fence for Dogs & Other Pets

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Not only is pool water bad for dogs, but there is also a sad reality that many pets drown in pools. The Dogington Post reports that an estimated 5,000 animals drown in pools each year. Here at Katchakid, we understand the necessity of having a pool fence for dogs and other pets installed.

Your pets are like your family members, and there’s no reason to chance their safety. Keep reading if you’re not convinced that you need a dog pool fence.

Why it’s Smart to Install a Pet Pool Fence

Fallen leaves floating in the pool can be intriguing enough for a dog to hop in for a swim. An unsupervised pet and a pool is the recipe for tragedy. Even if someone isn’t playing with the dog and throwing a ball into the pool for them, there’s a chance they’ll fall in or want to jump in on their own. Below are five reasons you should consider investing in a pool fence and or pool gate for dogs.

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  1. Even breeds that are known as strong swimmers, like Labrador Retrievers or Poodles, can drown in a pool. Sometimes a dog can’t find the steps, or if it’s a vinyl pool, you may only have a ladder that they’re unable to climb. Hoisting themselves out is near, if not, impossible.
  2. It is difficult for an animal to sound an alert; bark or cry for help when submerged in water. Additionally, you have to be home to hear them.
  3. A pool fence for dogs could also help to deter children and other wild animals from entering your pool, preventing an animal from getting into the water unsupervised.
  4. Keeping dogs out can increase the longevity of your water filtration system which is easily compromised by dog hair.
  5. Veterinarian bills can get expensive fast. If a pet is near drowning for 45 seconds or more, they will need medical assistance and have a chance of not surviving.

Other Options To Consider

A few other pet pool safety products you may want to consider if your goal is to create a dog-safer pool include:

Protect your pet and your finances! Contact Katchakid now to schedule a free consultation and install a pet pool fence before reopening your pool for the summer months.

Note: A determined dog, while unlikely, left unsupervised could damage the mesh of a pool fence. Animal damage is not covered under warranty.