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Swimming Pool Net Cover

Is a swimming pool safety net a swimming pool net cover?

A common question asked of us here at Katchakid is, “is a pool safety net a pool cover?” and the answer is yes – it is a swimming pool net cover !

Pool covers are made from many types of material such as vinyl, polyethylene permeable mesh, solar panels and bubble pockets. These pool covers are manufactured to serve different purposes and requirements:

  • Heavy solid vinyl pool covers are used predominately in the Northeast as winter pool covers; the pools are winterized, and the non-permeable cover prevents water from entering the pool where it could damage drained pipes
  • Polyethylene permeable mesh pool covers are used primarily as leaf covers in the Southern States during the swimming off-season so the heavy Fall rains are able to drain through the mesh material while all seasonal debris is filtered out
  • Solar panel and bubble covers are designed to reduce energy consumption and maintain heat while extending the swim season
  • A swimming pool net cover is a drowning prevention tool. The pool safety net is designed to act specifically as a barrier to prevent unauthorized entry into a swimming pool. The pool net covers’ large mesh squares inhibit a small child from crawling on the cover while the reduction of material bulk results in the cover being manageable and lightweight

Additionally, a net pool cover like all pool covers is stretched over the pool and fastened securely, with brass or nylon anchors, to the pool coping or deck. Furthermore, the Katchakid net pool cover complies with the ASTM F1346-91 manual pool cover safety statute. So, regardless of the material fabrication or function all of these barriers are classified as “pool covers”. Click here to learn more about how the Katchakid pool safety net can make your pool a safer place.