Pool Net Cost

Pool Safety Net Cost

Swimming Pool Net Prices

We are often asked, “how much does a pool safety net cost?”. Modern swimming pool features vary considerably so for a firm estimate; it is best to have a Katchakid Pool Safety Specialist come to your residence for a free in-home consultation. However, we can provide some swimming pool net pricing guidelines. In general, a pool safety net costs between $1500.00 – $2200.00 for an average sized swimming pool. The pool safety net cost for an inground spa ranges from $500.00 – $995.00.

The Katchakid pool safety net is always sold as a complete pool barrier system and these pricing estimates include the following:

Pool Safety Net Cost Considerations

  • Complicated swimming pool shapes
  • Multi-elevation changes
  • Unusual features – wet bar, grotto, slide, infinity edge, rock features etc.
  • Large swimming pool measurements – lengths over 42ft and widths over 26ft
  • Distance to the Residence

As a rule, a pool safety net will be 3/4 of the cost of an isolation fence (A fence that encircles the pool entirely). Pool fencing pricing is complicated due to the numerous configurations and possible color & height options – read here for a more detailed explanation and breakdown of the cost of installing a pool fence.

It is important that the pool barrier you choose be the pool barrier you use – regardless of cost. Learn the pros and cons of both systems.

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