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Poolfencing For Steps And Stairs

How Katchakid Customizes Poolfencing For Elevation Changes

Poolfencing such as our mesh pool fencing is customizable; steps, stairs and elevation changes can all be accommodated. Backyard typography, landscaping and pool designs can often complicate the route of a pool fence. Fortunately, Katchakid’s installation teams are all trained to handle these layout challenges expertly.


Typically, the pool fence’s mesh panel is tailored onsite by Katchakid technicians. However, it is important, for aesthetics and good visibility to keep the mesh fabric of the panels taut – without waves or ripples. Therefore, in certain circumstances, it may be necessary for the poolfencing panels to be taken back to a Katchakid workshop for final modification and finishing.

So how is this poolfencing customized on a step? Katchakid poolfencing is fabricated in 15ft sections to allow for easier removal and replacement. However, for a step, the Katchakid technician will customize the mesh panels. There are two ways to modify poolfencing to stairs with the determining installation method dependent on the depth, width, and quantity of levels.


Using Step Poles

A pole is placed at the back of the step, and a longer step pole is installed into the back of the next step down. The mesh fabric is cut and molded to the step pole. With this method, there is only one pole per step.

Creating a Mini-Section


More commonly, Katchakid technicians will create an individual panel. A fence pole will be installed into the back and the front of the step and the panel mesh tailored to form a mini-section that is joined by panel latches to the next level down. With this method, there are two poles per step.

The Katchakid technician will, where possible, install the fence poles to maintain code spacing requirements and uniform fit. However, it should be noted that the top level of the poolfencing may not be at the same height level when modified to accommodate steps, stairs, and elevation changes.

For more information and suggestions on choosing your best poolfencing installation route read our informative guide on planning a pool fence path.