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Remember 4 Rules for a Safe 4th of July Pool Party

A Note from the Pool Safety Mom

4th of July pool party A note for the 4th of July. Between barbecues and picnics and backyard parties, here’s a reminder to please think and BE SAFE around water on this holiday!

Every year, the 4th of July summer holiday turns into a tragedy for some family because of a water-related accident involving the backyard pool. This is often when one parent thought the other was “watching” the pool. Combine the ABCs of Drowning Prevention for year round pool safety:

Remember these 4 pool safety rules for a 4th of July pool party:

  1. Supervise!- Adult Supervision must be constant, free of distractions and hands on! Hire a lifeguard or use a Water Watcher!
  2. Secure!- Barriers save lives, every pool should be fenced and covered; close the pool when the party is over! 
  3. Save a life!- CPR can change the outcome of an immersion accident. Every adult should learn CPR.
  4. SWIM and Survive! Every caregiver should learn to swim, and every child can benefit from swim lessons and survival swim training.

Drowning Dangers For Kids

Research by National SAFE KIDS shows that only the combination of constant competent adult supervision, a safe pool environment, safer children and an emergency action plan will prevent drowning.

Among unintentional injuries, drowning is the leading cause of death for children of 1 – 4 years for age. the second leading cause of death for children 5 – 14 years of age, and the third for children aged 15 – 17. Drowning is quick and quiet. There is little shouting, waving and splashing.

According to  Safekids, nearly half of the 10 -17-year-olds who drown in pools reportedly know how to swim. The “Pool Safety Mom’s” lesson for a fourth of July pool party – 4 things – Supervise the kids, Secure the pool, Save a Life with CPR and everyone learn to SWIM!

For more information on keeping kids safe in and around water read the Safe Kids campaign’s water safety report here, and have a happy and safe 4th of July pool party!