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Helpful Tips For Keeping A Clean Pool

Owning a clean pool is absolutely great because you and your family have a very convenient way of getting instant respite from the heat apart from staying indoors with the AC running full blast! Your swimming pool is also fantastic for bonding with your loved ones by playing games and having lots of fun together.

Being an owner of a swimming pool, however, is more than just about taking a dip whenever you want and having fun with your family. A pool owner has the responsibility of pool maintenance. Keeping a swimming pool clean takes a certain amount of effort and expense to make sure the water is not contaminated with pathogens that can make people sick. A clean pool is necessary, and here are some tips to help you keep it that way.

Top Tips For A Clean Pool:

Clean Pool Filters Regularly

The pool filter helps keep the water pool clean, but it gets filthy real quick especially when the pool is used often. You should learn to clean it every month or after a heavy storm. Just soak it in a filter cleaning solution and rinse.

Make Scrubbing Part of Your Routine

The sides of your pool will always have algae buildup, so always be on the lookout for any growths and scrub them off with a scrub brush, such as a brush on a telescopic pole to keep the siding clean and fresh.

Shock Your Pool

Your pool is already chlorinated, but sometimes, it needs to be shocked. Shocking your pool, also known as superchlorination, calls for the addition of an excess amount of chlorine or other chemical products to purge it of contaminants and pathogens. Do this at least once every two weeks, but the frequency of adding such chemicals depends on how often the pool gets used.

Remove Leaves From Your Pool

When there are trees on your property, it’s highly likely that tree debris is going to make it into your pool. You need to remove such seasonal rubbish out of the skimmer and water as soon as possible using a skimming net since leaves absorb a lot of your pool’s chlorine and that affects the quality of the water.

Cover Your Pool

Then again, why should you spend a lot of time skimming the surface of your pool for leaves and other debris when you can always prevent them from making it to the water in the first place? By installing a pool leaf cover, you should be able to keep leaves, twigs, and even bugs away from the pool. Then there would be no need for vacuuming and skimming.

Use Tennis Balls to Absorb Oils

Tired of seeing a slick sheen on the surface of your swimming pool water after people use it? Then just toss a tennis ball or two into the water and leave them there. The fibers of a tennis ball absorb the oil that comes from the hair products and suntan lotion that we use, as well as the oil that our skin naturally produce.

The above tips, however, are things you can do by yourself to keep your pool sparkling clean. However, if you want your pool thoroughly cleaned, then investigate using the services of a pool cleaning service. Such poolcare experts have the skills, experience, and equipment necessary to make your pool as clean as possible.