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How Does A Swimming Pool Safety Net Work?

A Swimming Pool Safety Net Central Tension System

Katchakid, Inc. is the leading manufacturer and installer of swimming pool safety nets; invented by Blair Esson in 1972, the pool net is an integral part of the pool barrier industry. With pool safety nets installed in most countries, the Katchakid pool net has grown to become a recognized and trusted barrier in drowning prevention.

What is a Central Tensioning System (CTS) and How Does It Operate?

Katchakid President Blair Esson invented and patented the first central tension system close to 40 years ago as a means to get a pool net to the required tension without excessive physical exertion. Like tightening and opening a  drawstring bag the concept is to pull up and tighten a pool net from the central point of the pool through this series of pulleys. During operation of the pool safety net, the additional netting material provided by this system, reduces the physical exertion in obtaining the necessary tension of the pool net.

The Katchakid swimming pool safety net has a built in central tension system (CTS) that can be adjusted from tight to very tight and is designed in such a way that most children under the age of 12 years cannot remove it. The series of pulley’s are set in a circular fashion, which open and close. The correct configuration and size of the CTS together with a necessary amount of pulleys determine a pool nets efficiency. The Katchakid uses an average of 12 to 16 pulleys per CTS.

swimming pool safety net pulley system

What Are The CTS Pulleys of  Swimming Pool Safety Nets Made From?

The CTS pulleys are manufactured from a specially treated modified nylon compound material and includes an injection molded internal stainless steel shaft. This material is extremely buoyant and resistant to oils, solvents and pool chemicals. The pulley facilitates a high-load, low friction pulling power which prevents rope slippage during operation of the pool safety net.


CTS Color Options

The swimming pool safety net’s CTS pulleys & pulley ropes are available in Ocean Blue, Desert Sand and Jet Black to seamlessly match your swimming pool safety net’s netting material.

Swimming pool safety nets CTS pulley system