Advice and Warning

Advice and Warning

Katchakid Pool Safety Barriers are supplementary pool safety aids, and not a substitute for the undivided and competent supervision of an adult. A Katchakid pool safety barrier can never replace adult supervision, nor can it be a guarantee against drowning or other accidents. Always use your barrier.

  • Avoid Drowning Risk – Never Leave Children Unattended Near Water.
  • Non-Secured or Improperly Secured Covers and Fences are a Hazard.
  • Keep Gates Locked at All Times.
  • Do Not Walk on a Cover Except in an Emergency.
  • Failure to Follow All Instructions May Result In Injury Or Drowning.
  • The Katchakid Pool Net Meets ASTM F1346-91 Class and Katchakid Fence Meets ASTM F2286-05 Class When Used As Instructed.
  • Warning – To Reduce The Risk Of Injury Do Not Permit Children To Operate This Product.
  • Always Inspect all Parts and Components before Use -If Wear or Defect is Noticed Cease and Desist Use Immediately and Call Katchakid for Repair.

Code Compliance

Katchakid Inc. has for decades ensured that its pool safety barriers are manufactured and installed to the most stringent safety directives. If your swimming pool is new, or you are fostering, adopting or starting a daycare facility, and your pool has yet to pass an inspection we recommend you research the exact code requirements and installation specifications before installing the pool safety barrier. Although we will do our best to advise you of local requirements Katchakid, Inc. can make no prejudgment as to the suitability of its barriers for the purpose of satisfying any authority and or agency.
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