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Katchakid Pool Fence: Fittings and Components

Katchakid Pool Fencing – Mesh Panels and Binding

Fine materials and meticulous manufacturing processes make all the difference.

Our pool fencing mesh panels are manufactured from Textilene®; a durable polyester woven mesh coated in a marine grade polyvinyl. The continuous knit of the Textilene® mesh ensures uniformity, a quality appearance and a superior tensile strength. This material will not rip under normal operation and daily use.

This material is flame retardant, heat sealable, and stable in either hot or cold temperatures. Textilene® is resilient to abrasion, mildew and bacteria and does not hold or absorb water. The Katchakid pool fencing is resistant to fading, deterioration and or shrinkage.

Textilene® is regarded as one of the most effective materials for pool barrier fencing as the mesh provides no holes for little fingers and toes and is considered extremely difficult to climb.

The Textilene® panels are bordered at the top and bottom by a reinforced polypropylene binding that is triple-stitched with triple-bonded marine thread to ensure strength. This binding prevents the fence from relaxing and reinforces each panel while assisting to maintain the required tension levels.

The finished mesh panel is held firmly to the aluminum pole with a convex aluminum molding, secured by zinc coated aluminum screws spaced at five-inch intervals. An extra set of screws is fitted at the top and bottom of each pole for additional strength. The support poles are completed with a color coordinating cap.

Katchakid Pool Fencing – Height Options

The Katchakid removable pool fence is available in heights of four feet or five feet.


Katchakid Pool Fencing – Quad-Plus Support Poles

A reliable pool fence requires top-grade poles, and ours are the best available. Katchakid pool fencing Quad-Plus poles are manufactured from sturdy, custom extruded, aircraft-grade aluminum. Aluminum combines light weight with exceptional strength and resists environmental pollution and chemical corrosion. Because of these qualities, it is an exceptionally versatile material – used in everything from car engines and marine motors to window frames and patio furniture.

The Katchakid Quad-Plus pole is one inch in diameter. The Interior core is reinforced at critical stress points by a central cross (X) which provides structural support from every angle.

Textilene® panel is held firmly to the pole with a convex aluminum molding, secured by zinc-coated screws spaced at five-inch intervals. We fit an extra set of screws at the top and bottom of each pole for additional strength. The support poles are completed with a color coordinating cap.

Each 15-foot section of a Katchakid fence comprises five 36-inch panels of Textilene® and six Quad-Plus support poles weighing approximately 12 lbs. A Quad-Plus support pole at every 36 inches enhances the strength of the fence and ensures the continuation of correct tension levels.

Pool Fencing Attachment Options


Quad-Plus Pole Finish

Katchakid Quad-Plus poles are further enhanced by a special finish of powder coating. This process gives the Quad-Plus pole an attractive, extremely durable finish which offers excellent resistance to corrosion, heat, impact, fading from sunlight and extreme weather. Powder coating has the same hardness of chrome and can take a strike without chipping.

Pool Fencing Color Options

Pool Fencing Color Options


As in stylish patio furniture, the finish on our Sable pool fencing has a natural, textured exterior. This exclusive color is perfect for yards or gardens that have lots of natural landscaping, rockery and earth tones.

Sheer Black

The black powder coating of our Sheer Black color option gives the Quad-Plus pole the appearance of having been “dipped” in very high gloss paint. Always elegant; our Sheer Black finish blends unobtrusively with most garden or yard surroundings.

Concrete Footings

When the path of the pool fence crosses un-concreted yard, concrete footings must be poured to support and maintain the structural integrity of the fence. Concrete footings are required at every fence post interval and are placed every three feet or less. Gates must be installed onto firm decking i.e. concrete, paved stone, etc..
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