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If it doesn’t say Katchakid then it is not the original pool safety net. Only our pool net is qualified to claim over 40 years of helping to keep kids safe. We invented, developed and perfected the pool safety net, why trust your child’s safety to anyone else?

The Katchakid Pool Net – The Educated Consumer’s Choice

The Original Pool Net

#1 Pool Net In America. Katchakid, Inc. invented the Pool Safety Net in 1972.

Over 40 Years of Proven Pool Safety

Katchakid is the only company with an over 40-year no-drowning record with a correctly installed and replaced pool net.

Heat-Set Mesh Squares

Katchakid uses stented material – the netting is stretched and heat-set to create stable, uniform mesh sizes without slippage.

Diamond Slimline Design

The Katchakid’s unique diamond slimline design ensures a manageable, streamlined flow that reels up evenly and smoothly over the EZ-Roller.

Qualified & Trained Installers with Years of Experience

Katchakid installation technicians go through an intensive, rigorous certification program in order to meet strict company standards.

Industry Leader

Tested by an independent American engineering testing laboratory and proven to be compliant to the ASTM F1346-91 manual safety cover standard.

American Lifeguard Association Endorsement

The only pool safety barrier endorsed by the American Lifeguard Association.

Proven Correct UV Levels

Correctly chemically treated with laboratory-developed maximum UV-stabilized inhibitors, making the Katchakid netting material resilient to pool acid and pool chemicals. Additionally, the netting does not hold or absorb water.

Professional Corporation

Katchakid carries comprehensive liability insurance and is fully licensed and bonded.

Competitive Pricing

It is Katchakid’s philosophy that swimming pool safety barriers should be affordable to every parent and, therefore, is more than willing to discuss payment terms. We also offer financing through Synchrony Bank’s home improvement plan.

The Choice of Influential Decision Makers

Leading water safety organizations and water safety advocates recognize and recommend the Katchakid brand.

Excellent Customer Service

Katchakid provides a highly responsive customer service, with trained representatives and technicians.

The Katchakid is ASTM Standard F1346-91 Compliant

The Katchakid pool net, manufactured in Texas by Katchakid Inc. is in compliance with the American Society For Testing and Materials (ASTM) under the code F1346-91 for manual safety covers.

The Katchakid pool net meets the criteria of all of the ASTM’s demanding series of performance tests and labeling requirements.

Some of the conditions for ASTM  F1346-91 standard include:

  • The cover should be able to hold a weight of 485 lbs (the estimated weight of 2 adults and 1 child) to permit rescue operation.
  • Demonstration that any opening in the cover is sufficiently small and strong enough to prevent the test object being passed through.
  • Meeting labeling requirements for all covers for swimming pools, spas and hot tubs.

While already a quality and time tested product, conforming to the ASTM’s code further provides owners of the Katchakid assurance that they have one of the best forms of pool protection assisting to reduce the drowning risk of small children.

State and city building inspectors, day care and adoption officials often request proof of compliance to the ASTM F1346-91 standard. Katchakid is more than happy to discuss it’s code compliance with your inspector.

Katchakid Pool Nets Technical Specification Chart


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