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Katchaleaf Pool Covers: Product Summary

Quality Craftsmanship

The Katchaleaf pool cover has over 40-years’ quality experience behind it. From design and materials, to installation and maintenance, every element of the Katchaleaf has been studied, fine-tuned, tested and proven.

Attractive Profile

Throughout the Fall and Winter this attractive cover brightens your winter yard while providing superior protection from debris.

Available in two tasteful colors: Alpine Forest and Adriatic. The Katchaleafs’ low profile means the mesh cover will not block views from your pool area.

Fits Any Pool Shape

The Katchaleaf easily shapes to garden walls, spas, boulders, rockeries, water features, fountains and irregular pool shapes. We’re experts at producing the proper cover to fit any pool, and our trained technicians are experts at installing it.

The Katchaleaf can be installed on virtually any surface such as flagstone, concrete, pea gravel/aggregate, brick, tile, or wood decks.

Excellent Materials

Our mesh pool covers are fabricated with a unique blend of lightweight, tensilized, UV-stabilized, knitted polyethylene.

These high quality covers can withstand winds and storms and will not dry or crack with age. They are resistant to sunlight, mildew, rotting, and chlorine damage and their design inhibits algae growth by reducing their food sources (such as leaves, and sunlight).

The fabric that makes up all Katchaleaf covers gives you longevity, durability, and resistance to abrasion, all virtually unequaled in materials of this type.

Saves Water

On average, pools lose 1 1/2 inches of water per week. Katchaleaf covers also help prevent evaporation, saving water and money.

Is a Swimming Pool Debris Cover* Right for You?

If the attractiveness of your pool area, less maintenance time, savings in chemical usage and water depletion are important to you, Katchaleaf is the correct choice.

*Test Results available upon request
**Note product is center folded when packaged
*Katchaleaf is a leaf & debris cover only, and should not be used as a swimming pool safety cover.

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