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Katchaleaf Pool Cover: Fittings and Components

Fine Materials and Meticulous Manufacturing Processes Make All the Difference in Quality and Ease of Use

Our mesh pool covers are fabricated with a unique blend of lightweight, tensilized, UV-stabilized, knitted polyethylene for inherent tear resistance and all directional strength. The cover is twice-stitched with bonded triple threads and reinforced with webbing on both the top and underside for extra strength and reliability. The cover is further strengthened by solid premium quality brass eyelets and anchors — secured with stainless steel fasteners.

An advanced stentering process heat sets the fabric to deliver a pre-shrunk, highly stable material of great consistency. The UV stabilized HDPE combination of monofilament yarn and tape produces a dimensionally stable fabric that offers high levels of tear and fray resistance.

The EZ-Off Roller

The EZ-Off roller helps to remove your Katchaleaf pool cover. It generally takes just 3 to 5 minutes to remove the Katchaleaf and 5 to 8 minutes to replace the cover on an average swimming pool. The EZ-Off lightweight portable storage roller is constructed from high quality PVC tubing in attractive bright white. You can move your EZ-Off Roller and Katchaleaf cover from the pool area and store them out of sight until needed.

Fasteners and Eyelets

The Katchaleaf’s tangle-free fasteners are precision engineered from high-grade, rust-free stainless steel. The Katchaleaf is further reinforced with solid, premium quality brass eyelets for durability.

Katchaleaf EZ-Clip Hand Tool

The EZ-Clip hand tool makes securing the Katchaleaf to its anchors even easier. Just insert the EZ-Clip into the eyelet and use it to pull the Katchaleaf fastener into its anchor.

Anchors Options

The Katchaleaf pool cover is secured to the swimming pool’s surround by attaching the fasteners into a series of anchors. These anchors are typically placed approximately 30 inches apart around the pool’ s perimeter and about 10 to 15 inches back from the waters edge.

Nylon Anchors

Low profile, durable high-density nylon anchors are available in terracotta (red/orange), gray, or cream.

Brass Anchors

At the top of the Katchaleaf anchor range, is our high-quality brass anchor for an exclusive look. When acid washed, the countersunk Katchaleaf brass anchor blends with the color of flagstone, pebble, and pea gravel decks, making the anchor almost invisible.
For both sets of anchors, we use a diamond-tipped core drill to make a small ¾ inch hole in the pool surround into which we insert the countersunk anchor. All of Katchaleaf’s anchors are feet-friendly and specifically designed so that they are barely noticeable.

Available in Two Beautiful Colors

Alpine Green & Adriatic
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