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The Katchakid Net Cover – Your Questions Answered

The following provides answers to some of the frequently asked questions about pool net covers. If you have another question please, call or send us an email and let’s start the pool safety conversation!

Katchakid is the original pool net cover. With now over 40 years experience in this field we lead the pool safety net industry worldwide. Every system, every innovation, every advance within the pool net business, that we have seen, has been a Katchakid development. At the same time as we welcome more children being protected, by having more pools netted, we feel we must warn against inferior reproductions of the Katchakid. A net is not just a net and your child’s life is at stake with a poor quality imitation.

The Katchakid pool net cover is manufactured from durable high density polyethylene. The material is braided and filled with a solid inner core for exceptional tensile strength. The ASTM standard F1346-91 requires manual covers to support the weight of 485lbs and the Katch a kid pool net cover easily surpasses this specification.

The Katch a kid pool net serves as a barrier between the child and the water. As long as the net is in good condition, properly positioned and tensioned, the net will support the weight of a young child near the pool’s edge. Katchakid’s unique mesh size has a dual action: small enough to prevent a toddler’s head from penetrating the net while simultaneously large enough to discourage movement. Most children will find the Katchakid uncomfortable and abrasive to move on, which will deter further crawling on the net.

The answer to this is obviously dependent on the age and weight of your child, but most children under 5 years will be kept off the water and out of danger. If a child over 5 years falls face down on the Katchakid they are usually capable enough to get straight back up and off of the net. However, no child should be left unsupervised around a swimming pool.

The Katchakid cannot be removed by most children under 12 years of age. If properly positioned, anchored and tensioned the net should not have any perimeter gaps for a child to crawl underneath.

The Katchakid is custom shaped during installation either by our expert technicians or by you during a Katchakid DIY fitting. The Katchakid is then attached by a small stainless steel component to patented brass or nylon fasteners, spaced at approximately +/- 30″ intervals around the pool.

Katchakid first pioneered and patented the initial Central Tensioning System (CTS) in 1988. The CTS today is a multifaceted system that uses a series of pulley’s set in a circular fashion, which open and close to control the tension of the net. The correct configuration and size of the CTS together with a necessary amount of pulleys determine a pool nets efficiency. The Katch a kid pool net uses an average of 12 to 16 pulleys per net. Larger pools, those over 45ft., or those with more than one clearly defined “middle” usually require 2 or more CTS systems allowing the Katchakid to be removed, replaced and tightened with relative ease.

It generally takes 4 -5 minutes to remove the Katchakid and 8 -10 minutes to replace the net on an average swimming pool. Our Katchakid pool safety net is mostly removed and replaced by one person so we have developed our CTS system with this consideration.

When properly positioned, anchored and tensioned the Katchakid will not interfere with most standard pool cleaning equipment. Chemical maintenance is also easy – you don’t have to remove the Katchakid to chlorinate your pool.

No. The Katchakid pool netting is treated with laboratory developed maximum UV stabilized inhibitors. The Katchakid will not shrink or deteriorate when subjected to harsh climatic conditions. Our material will not fade.

40 years of operation equals a lot of net pool covers. There is no type of water feature that Katchakid hasn’t made safe – from water reservoirs to municipality swimming pools and ponds. This vast experience makes it possible for us to undertake and cover any variety of water feature or unsafe area with total confidence. Over the years we have fitted net pool covers on: Barges, Chemical plants, Clubs, Municipal Pools and Ponds, Orchestra Pits, Schools, Ships, Stages, Stairwells, Water Reservoirs and Towers and Wave Pools.

Katchakid over the years has developed a variety of fittings and materials to use with garden features that are unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing. Our coal jet-black pond netting is designed so that one looks through it rather than at it. Once the net is established and plants have grown up through we find that one doesn’t perceive the mesh at all.

We would estimate that a Katchakid that has been treated with a reasonable amount of care would last an average of ten years.

Swimming pool features vary considerably so for a firm price, it is best to have a Katchakid Pool Safety representative come to your home for a free consultation in the markets we serve. However, here is a pool safety net price guide for what you might expect to pay for a pool safety net.

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