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Katchakid Pool Safety Net Combination Pool Leaf Cover

Pool owners can enjoy a leaf free pool with our Katchakid Combination Pool Leaf Cover. Supported by the Katchakid Pool Safety Net, the Combo Pool Leaf Cover is constructed of lightweight mesh shade cloth. These two covers combined provide an efficient and effective win-win combination of security and debris management

Why Spend Your Valuable Leisure Time Cleaning Leaves Out of the Pool

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The combination pool leaf cover is easily taken on or off by one person and a storage bag is included for when the cover is not in use. As the combo cover is secured to the Katchakid pool safety net additional anchors are not required. Available in Ocean Blue, Black or Alpine Forest.

Enjoy All the Benefits of Having a Pool Safety Cover with Less Seasonal Labor and Maintenance


  • Lightweight; Easy on and off
  • Reduces maintenance; less backwashing and less filtration
  • Prevents debris from entering the pool; minimizes buildup of dirt
  • Does not interrupt the safety features of the Katchakid Pool Safety Net
  • Allows pool cleaner to function properly
  • Reduces water evaporation, salt and chemical usage
  • 100% high density polyethylene which is recyclable
  • Blocks sunlight but allows rain and snow melt to drain through
  • Fabricated with UV stabilized, toughened polyethylene to withstand harsh climatic conditions and chemicals
  • Does not rot or absorb water
  • Is not considered a fire hazard and is ozone friendly
  • Can be installed on all swimming pools over the Katchakid Pool Safety Net
  • Mesh material’s knitted lock-stitch pattern prevents runs, unraveling and tearing
*Remember, the Katchakid Combo Leaf Cover is a leaf cover only and should not be used as a safety cover. The Katchakid Combo Leaf Cover is to be used only in conjunction with a Katchakid Pool Safety Net.
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