Protect-A-Pond Safety Nets

Protect-a-Pond Safety Net

pond net

pond net

Pond Safety Net for Water Features, Ponds and Rockeries

Rockeries and garden ponds often present a bigger drowning hazard than swimming pools as children find running water, goldfish, and frogs irresistible. Additionally, the plants and shrubbery that tend to surround these features often obscure visibility increasing the danger.

Katchakid over the years has developed a variety of pond safety net fittings and materials to use with all styles of garden features that are unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing. Our semi-permanent coal jet-black pond safety net is designed in such a way that one looks through it rather than at it. Once the pond net is established, and plants have grown back through, and around the mesh squares, the pond net beautifully blends to its environment to become barely perceivable.

Whether you are protecting your Children, Family Pets or your prize Koi Fish the Katchakid pond net will assure you greater relaxation in your garden.

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    To cultivate a garden is. . . to go hand in hand with Nature in some of her most beautiful processes.
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