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Katchakid Pool Fence Gate and Hardware

Self Closing Gate

The Katchakid pool gate is hinged, with an automatic latch; 32.75 inches wide, it is constructed from sturdy, custom- extruded, aircraft grade aluminum. The central, rectangular gate frame is firmly mounted on rigid 1.25 inch square gate posts. Pool gate hardware includes adjustable spring-loaded, self- closing hinges and a magnetic latch that is self-latching and key-lockable. This latch is in accordance with Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) requirements. Pool gates should be installed opening away from the pool according to CPSC to ensure that children cannot easily push the gate open to gain access to the pool area.


Pool Gate Hardware

Katchakid uses the world-renowned Magna-Latch® for its self- closing, self-latching gates. The Magna-Latch® is commonly regarded as the best latch available. This gate latch has won accolades and awards worldwide for its outstanding design and consistently accurate performance. The Top Pull Magna- Latch ® is adaptable and can be installed so that its release knob is further out of a small child’s reach. Features include:

  • Highly child resistant
  • Magnetically triggered latching
  • Key lockable safety
  • Adjusts horizontally and vertically
  • Patented lost motion technology
  • Latches in the locked position
  • When locked won’t disengage when shaken or pulled
  • No mechanical jamming during closure

Pool Gate Hinges

The Katchakid pool gate is installed with two Tru-Close® hinges. Tru-Close® pool safety gate hinges from the makers of the award-winning Magna-Latch® are injection-molded from special glass-fiber reinforced polymer materials. These UV-stabilised materials provide strong, rust-free hinges that won’t bind, sag or stain and never require lubrication. The unique, spring-loaded adjuster within most Tru-Close® hinges allows quick incremental tension adjustment using only a screwdriver.
Easy and safe the Tru-Close® gate hinges feature:

  • Molded, reinforced polymer construction.
  • Unique patented tension adjustment
  • Internal stainless steel spring closer
  • Weather resistant self-lubricating materials
  • Alignment legs for extra fitting strength
  • No rusting, sagging or staining
  • No unsightly external spring
  • Smooth even closure

Manual Openings

A manual opening refers to a section fencing that can open for access. Two fence poles, connected by a hook-and-eye spring latch, are released, and the opening created by pulling one pole out of its sleeve, and securing it into a third, rearward deck sleeve. Replacement of the pole to its original sleeve and the reattachment of the latch connects the fence again.

Manual openings should not replace a self-closing gate. A manual opening requires two hands to open and connect a fence together again, increasing the margin for human error.

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