Sep 2018

NFL Player Teddy Williams Talks Keeping His Pool Safe

Family is clearly a priority to pro football player Teddy Williams. To this end, it makes sense that Williams is extremely happy with his Katchakid® Pool Safety Net. He has three children—ages eleven, six, and one—and appreciates that Katchakid pool safe nets can protect his kids and supports a minimum 485lbs, as an extra precaution.


May 2016

ASTM F1346 Pool Safety Covers

With pool barrier codes mandated in most US States to be confident of a high level of quality and safety select pool safety covers that are manufactured and installed to the most referenced code for pool safety covers -the ASTM F 1346-91 statute.


May 2016

The ABC’s of Pool Safety

Setting rules reduces the risk of harm to our children. We take action daily to protect them from injury, such as using car seats in the car, locking away medication, gating off stairways, etc. and these simple practices become the framework that helps to keep our children safe. Learn and follow the simple ABC's of Pool Safety to help to keep your children safe in and around swimming pools.


May 2016

Dog Pool Safety – Pool Nets & Pets

Dog pool safety - Katchakid pool safety nets are often used to protect pets left in a yard from the dangers of a unprotected pool. Although most dogs can swim, they can quickly get into trouble when they can't find the pool steps or shallow end to get out of a pool.


Feb 2016

Pool Fence Cost

For safety and convenience pool fences are a popular pool barriers. The cost of a pool fence installation can vary significantly - the fence height, selected poles, paint finishes and layout of the backyard are all cost factors that will influence the final price. Read our pool fence cost guide to learn more about pool fence pricing.


Feb 2016

Planning A Pool Fence Install

When you and our technicians plan the installation of a Katchakid removable pool fence, you want to make sure it will effectively block all access points to the pool area. You’ll also want to consider access to yard maintenance, pool equipment, play areas for the children and access to grass for pets.


Aug 2019

Which Pool Net Color is Right for You?

You have decided upon a pool safety net to secure your pool - but which pool net color is right for you? Protecting your family doesn’t have to take away from the beauty of your pool! Katchakid Safety Nets come in a variety of colors to ensure that each pool owner can find the perfect shade to complement their pool area.


Apr 2019

1. Kids Pool Party – Planning

Getting ready for a nice relaxing summer by the pool? As much as we adults are anticipating this long-awaited R&R, we all know that the kids are even more excited for those upcoming summer pool parties, featuring pool noodles, Marco Polo and all. Want tips on how to have the best pool party ever? Read our kids pool party blog series - starting here - planning and deciding on the theme.


Mar 2019

Summer Pool Safety Tips

Have you considered summer pool safety? Are you removing a heavy-duty winter pool cover for the swimming season and, if so, do you have a summer pool safety solution in place? Swimming pools become even more enticing to children when the temperatures rise. So, keep reading for summer pool safety advice to do your part in preventing an accident or drowning at your pool.


Mar 2019

Safety Nets – A Timeless Technology

Safety net tech has long been used to safeguard & protect life. Construction netting, rescue netting, net harnesses etc. So pools nets make perfect sense. Learn more


Mar 2019

Always Classy – Install a Black Mesh Fence for Your Pool

Black is timeless when it comes to style in fashion garments and any other environments for that matter. While the lime green dress in a women’s closet is already considered tacky in the fashion world, a little black dress is always classy. The same thought applies to a black mesh fence over a colored one. If you want your pool space to look classic and refined, go for a black safety fence.


Mar 2019

5 Reasons You Should Install a Pool Fence for Dogs & Other Pets

Not only is pool water bad for dogs, but there is also a sad reality that many pets drown in pools. The Dogington Post reports that an estimated 5,000 animals drown in pools each year. Here at Katchakid, we understand the necessity of having a pool fence for dogs and other pets installed. Your pets are like your family members, and there’s no reason to chance their safety. Keep reading if you’re not convinced that you need a dog pool fence.


Feb 2019

The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act

Drowning is a leading cause of death of children between the ages of one and four years old. As a pool owner, it’s your responsibility to create a safe environment with the proper barriers and safeguards in place. The government is helping to prevent these fatalities through the enactment of the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act (VGB). Who is Virginia Graeme Baker and why does she have an act named after her? Keep reading to find out and to learn how this twelve-year-old law affects you as a pool owner.

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