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Fine Materials and Meticulous Manufacturing Processes Make All The Difference.

The pool netting is manufactured from durable four-millimeter high-density, polyethylene fiber composed of linear macromolecules saturated with non-substituted aliphatic hydrocarbons. This material contains continuous multifilament and resists abrasion, moths, and bacteria.

The pool netting is subject to exacting quality control procedures. The net is stretched, and heat-set to give regular and stable mesh sizes. These processes guarantee the Katchakid’s performance through the uniformity of mesh size and knot tightness.

Chemically treated with laboratory developed maximum UV stabilized inhibitors, the Katchakid is resistant to fading, deterioration or shrinkage when subjected to harsh climatic conditions. This material is also resilient to pool acid, pool chemicals and does not hold or absorb water.

Unlike any other pool netting cover, the Katchakid has a unique diamond slimline design. The pool netting mesh, when fully secured, is square. However, the material resumes its original diamond form shape when the tension is released. This diamond construction ensures a smooth, streamlined flow that reels up evenly and smoothly over the EZ-Roller.

The pool netting is available in three color options: Ocean Blue, Jet Black, and Desert Sand.

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pool safety net anchorsAt the top of the Katchakid anchor range is our high-quality brass anchor. Over time, or when acid washed, our deck-flush brass anchor pairs well with materials such as flagstone, concrete, and pebble. With the brass anchors patina established, it becomes barely perceptible in the pool deck.

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The standard tensioner included with the Katchakid pool net system is the useful Hand Tensioner. Injection molded components with a die-cast anti-friction internal mechanism; this tool pulls at 250lbs and aids fast removal and replacement of the pool net.


  • Lightweight
  • Quick & convenient
  • Faster line speeds
  • Easy to use and store

Content for Repair

The Katchakid EZ-Off lightweight, portable storage roller is constructed from high-quality, rigid PVC, with a pressure rating of W.P PSI 370. The EZ-Off Roller makes removal of the pool netting easier. In general, it takes 3-5 minutes to remove and 5-8 minutes to replace the pool netting cover over an average swimming pool. With the EZ-OFF Roller, the net can be removed from the pool area and stored until required.
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