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Katchakid Self-Help Options

Does your KatchAKid net or fence have a minor problem, or would you like to make some adjustments on your own? Our self-help options give you some helpful tips to manage minor service repair issues all on your own. Keep in mind, these self-help tips are not designed for more major problems with your KatchaKid product. Never try to repair our systems if you’re not 100% confident in your ability to manage it. Give us a call for any issue that causes you to hesitate or be confused. We would be happy to schedule a repair for for you!

Gate Latch Adjustments

Fences and gates can shift due to ground settling, environmental factors, and general use and abuse. Latches, locks, and hinges must be readily adjustable for vertical and horizontal alignment or self-closing tension to ensure that gates work reliably and safely at all times.

How to adjust your Magna Latch:

Gate Hinge Adjustment

If the gate fails to swing back to position, the hinges may need to be reloaded.

Repairing A Minor Pool Net Break

For a small, minor repair an option could be to repair the netting yourself if you feel this is a task you could confidently undertake. Do not attempt this if you are unsure of the method in any way. Attached is a short video explaining the concept of mesh square repair through replication. To purchase a braid wrap please submit a request through one of our contact forms.

Small Repairs

Small and minor repairs may be undertaken to your Katchakid system. Limited quantities of replacement parts and materials will soon be available online for this purpose – until then please contact us for assistance.

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