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Pool Safety Equipment Offered by Katchakid

The Original Katchakid® Pool Safety Net:

Created by Katchakid in 1972, the Katchakid® swimming pool safety net is specifically designed as a barrier to help protect children from exposed, open water. Like an oversized tennis racket, the winter-safe UV stabilized pool net is stretched over the pool and anchored to deck-flush mounted fasteners. The netted cover is fabricated from the highest quality, most rigorously tested materials available; versatile and adaptable, the Katchakid® can accommodate most water features and is installed to meet strict ASTM safety codes. Available in custom colors to capture and enhance the ambiance and design of your pool, the Katchakid® pool safety net cover looks attractive while still affording maximum security with total peace of mind.

Pro’s Katchakid Pool Safety Net:

  • Exemplary Safety Record -50yrs 100% Drowning Prevention.
  • Complete Peace of Mind – Danger is Covered.
  • Custom-fitted and Custom-shaped to Each Unique Pool.
  • High Aesthetic’s – Maximizes Yard Space While Maintaining Clear View Of the Water.
  • Ambient Colors To Compliment Backyard.
  • Optional Leaf Cover Attachment- To Combat Seasonal Debris.
  • Least Invasive Installation.
  • Versatile – Can Accommodate Nearly All Water Features.
  • ASTM F1346-91 – Meets Building Code Where This Standard is Designated.

Katchakid Swimming Pool Fence:

Attractive and durable, Katchakid’s transparent removable mesh pool fence adds a vertical layer of protection around your pool. A Katchakid fence provides quick and easy access to your swimming pool. The Textilene® mesh panels are resistant to mildew, abrasion, and sunlight so they will not rip, shrink, or fade, and kids can’t poke through or climb them. Our technicians are trained to install the 15-ft sections of panels in a configuration that works for you – either free standing or incorporating existing structures such as exterior walls. Our fencing system may also include self-latching, self-closing, key-lockable gates.

Pro’s Katchakid Pool Fence:

  • Attractive – Available in Unobtrusive Natural Colors.
  • Can Incorporate Existing Structures – Reducing Costs.
  • Allows Quick Access To Pool.
  • ASTM F2286-05 Compliant Pool Fencing Is Widely Accepted By Most City and County Statutes.

Katchaleaf® – Pool Leaf Cover:

If cleaning up seasonal debris is stealing all of your valuable leisure time, stop skimming and install a Katchaleaf mesh pool cover. Our custom-shaped mesh pool cover lets you spend more time enjoying your pool and less time cleaning it.

The Katchaleaf pool cover is fabricated of hardwearing, lightweight fine mesh material that allows rainwater to drain through while keeping debris such as leaves, twigs, pine needles, and bugs out. The cover withstands winds and storms, and will not dry or crack with age. Fast and easy to clean, with no accumulating puddles, the Katchaleaf is an excellent solution to off-season debris that keeps your pool clean and ready to enjoy.

Pro’s Katchakid Pool Cover:

  • Keeps Leaves & Debris Out – Rainwater Filters Through
  • Puddles Don’t Accumulate – Doesn’t Attract Mosquitos
  • Comes In Attractive Colors
  • Lighter Than Most Covers
  • Only Cover on the Market That is Fitted to Pool’s Exact Dimensions
  • Easy Clean Up
  • Helps Prevent Evaporation

Protect-a-Pond® Pond Safety Net:

An attractive way to prevent drownings while protecting your rockeries and garden ponds. Children often find the ecosystem of a pond irresistible with waterfalls, goldfish, frogs, and water plants. The Protect-a-Pond® safety net is designed to protect your children, family pets, or prized koi fish without obscuring the view of the water.

Katchakid – You Keep Your Pool Fun – We Help Keep It Safe!

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