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Which Pool Net Color is Right for You?

Katchakid Pool Net Color Options

You have decided upon a pool safety net to secure your pool – but which pool net color is right for you? Protecting your family doesn’t have to take away from the beauty of your pool! Katchakid Safety Nets come in a variety of colors to ensure that each pool owner can find the perfect shade to complement their pool area.Take a look at the below helpful videos and gallery images. While learning about our appealing color options, be sure to keep in mind the shades of your water, liner, plaster, coping, decking, and surrounding features. Consider the overall atmosphere that you are seeking to cultivate. Our best advice is to match our pool net to the largest surface area. However, from desert sand to jet black, all of our covers have the potential to create a safe and aesthetic pool experience.

Desert Sand Pool Net Cover

If you have light-toned Pebble Tech. or plaster pool finish that gives your water a lighter tint, then this option will likely be your best choice to match with your pool’s pale water.

As the lightest of our three color options, a desert sand net naturally accompanies a pool area that has been composed with the beach in mind. A paler pool deck will coordinate nicely with this netting, allowing you to avoid any sharp contrasts that might distract from the pool itself. Still, as you can see in this video, Desert Sand can match a variety of lighter shades and neutral tints due to its subdued color.

Though this net will not stand out as much as its darker counterparts, it will certainly accentuate the brighter colors in your pool area. Furthermore, the color’s versatility will allow you to be as creative as you’d like in the rest of your design.

Ocean Blue Pool Net Cover

Although some prefer the calmness of the desert sand pool net, you may be looking for a more energetic feel for your pool area. The Ocean Blue Pool Net is a perfect choice to liven up the vibe around the pool. In addition to its mood-boosting color, this pool net will accent pools with a deeper blue color.A popular choice among pool owners, the Ocean Blue Pool Net Cover seamlessly blends into the bold appearance of your pool water to underscore its color, rather than detract from it. Pools with blue tiles, medium-toned Pebble Tec and plaster pool finishes match exceptionally well with this net. If you’re hoping to extend the liveliness and rich color of your pool after swimming time is over, the Ocean Blue Pool Net Cover is the right choice.With birthday parties and family barbecues in mind, the Ocean Blue Pool Net Cover will be the backdrop to many spirited memories. Enhance your pool area with this radiant, azure blue!

Jet Black Pool Net Cover

As the most classic of our color options, the Jet Black Pool Net Cover is the perfect choice for the unsure pool owner. This black net will truly compliment most pool areas, as black blends well with most, if not all color schemes and decor. We strongly recommend that those with natural rock features, dark pool water, and grey or black tiles consider Jet Black as the ideal match.Though this net may not brighten up your pool area like the Ocean Blue Pool Net, it is definitely a sophisticated and understated choice that will not irritate the eye, especially in the bright sun.Black is also a powerful accent for pools with earthy features, including rocks, water features, waterfalls and especially green water in leafy settings. This net makes the green and other colors of your landscaping pop, while lending a simple and formal backdrop.

Still Unsure Which Color is Right for Your Pool?

We’re happy to help you match your pool’s features with the perfect net. Contact Katchakid for more information on our pool net colors and quotes on installing a pool net cover.