Katchakid Pool Safety Net


Aug 2016

Pool Net Cover

A common question asked of us is, "is a pool safety net a pool cover?" and the answer is yes - it is a pool net cover!


May 2016

ASTM F1346 Safety Covers

With pool barrier codes mandated in most US States to be confident of a high level of quality and safety select pool safety covers that are manufactured and installed to the most referenced code for pool safety covers -the ASTM F 1346-91 statute.


May 2016

Pets & Pool Nets

Dog pool safety - Katchakid pool safety nets are often used to protect pets left in a yard from the dangers of a unprotected pool. Although most dogs can swim, they can quickly get into trouble when they can't find the pool steps or shallow end to get out of a pool.


Jul 2015

Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Choose A Katchakid Pool Safety Net

Since Katchakid invented the pool safety net over 40 years ago, we have installed pool nets for many famous clients. Drowning prevention is always our primary focus and protecting every child is of paramount importance to us, but there is no denying that installing a pool safety net for a celebrity client such as Tori Spelling creates a buzz of excitement around the office.

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