Always Classy – Install a Black Mesh Fence for Your Pool

Black is timeless when it comes to style in fashion garments and any other environments for that matter. While the lime green dress in a women’s closet is already considered tacky in the fashion world, a little black dress is always classy. The same thought applies to a black mesh fence over a colored one. If you want your pool space to look classic and refined, go for a black safety fence.

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poolfencing running up steps

Poolfencing For Steps And Stairs

So how is this poolfencing customized on a step? Katchakid poolfencing is fabricated in 15ft sections to allow for easier removal and replacement. However, for a step, the Katchakid technician will customize the mesh panels. There are two ways to modify poolfencing to stairs with the determining installation method dependant on the depth, width, and quantity of levels.

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Pool Fence Cost

For safety and convenience pool fences are a popular pool barriers. The cost of a pool fence installation can vary significantly - the fence height, selected poles, paint finishes and layout of the backyard are all cost factors that will influence the final price. Read our pool fence cost guide to learn more about pool fence pricing.

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