Drowning Prevention


Aug 2017

Pool Safely Pledge, 2017

As part of our commitment to water safety education, we are proud to partner with Pool Safely, a national drowning prevention campaign aimed at ending fatal and nonfatal child drownings and entrapments. Have You taken The Pool Safely Pledge?


Feb 2017

Pool Safety Report 2016

2016 was one for the record books, but unfortunately not all of the records were positive. According to the USA Swimming Foundation, there were at least 320 media reported fatal drownings in 2016 involving children younger than 15 in swimming pools and spas.


Dec 2016

Child Pool Safety and The Holidays

W.C. Fields is famous for his credited quote "Never work with animals or children," well for us working in child pool safety that's our job - and we love that we help parents keep their little ones safe around open water with our pool safety barriers.


Sep 2016

Texas Experiences Deadly Summer

Texas had at least nine media-reported fatal drownings in the month of August according to new data from the USA Swimming Foundation. Sadly, this same data show that Texas not only had the highest drowning rate in the month of August, but also for the entire year, with at least 35 drownings involving children younger than 6.


Oct 2015

Pool Safety Awareness At the Pumpkin Patch

Having an impact on children's lives, knowing that our pool safety awareness efforts and our pool safety barriers help to keep children safe, makes working at Katchakid truly special. We also get to attend cool events, sharing in the special magic and excitement that little children bring to each holiday and season.


Jul 2015

Pool Safely! Four Simple Steps – Because Simple Steps Save Lives!

This week CPSC's Pool Safely initiative, our partner in drowning prevention, released the song Pool Safely! Four Simple Steps by children's musical artist Laurie Berkner. Music has long been a proven effective medium for teaching valuable lessons, most of us will have learnt our alphabet from singing the simple ABC's song.


Jul 2015

Tori Spelling & Dean McDermott Choose A Katchakid Pool Safety Net

Since Katchakid invented the pool safety net over 40 years ago, we have installed pool nets for many famous clients. Drowning prevention is always our primary focus and protecting every child is of paramount importance to us, but there is no denying that installing a pool safety net for a celebrity client such as Tori Spelling creates a buzz of excitement around the office.


Jun 2015

A Review of Children’s Life Vests, Life Preservers & Personal Flotation Devices (PFD)

According to the US Coast Guard, 9 out of 10 natural water drowning’s take place in inland waters, most within a few feet of safety. Furthermore, as many as 88% of these tragedies may of have been prevented by the use of a personal flotation device (PFD). With so many different styles of PFD’s available, fabricated from varying materials, how do you begin selecting the right one for your child?


Jun 2015

Follow The ABC’S Of Pool Safety

Setting rules reduces the risk of harm to our children. We take action daily to protect them from injury, such as using car seats in the car, locking away medication, gating off stairways, etc. and these simple practices become the framework that helps to keep our children safe. Learn and follow the simple ABC's of Pool Safety to help to keep your children safe in and around swimming pools.

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