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NFL Player Teddy Williams Talks Keeping His Pool Safe

Teddy Williams Talks Pool Safety

Pro football player Teddy Williams cares a great deal about family—and pool safety is no exception.

Most recently, Williams served as a cornerback for the New York Giants. He requested to leave his contract early in August 2018, to attend to a family health issue; and while there is no exact timeframe for his return, the Giants have stated they will gladly welcome him back when he is ready.

Family is clearly a priority in the NFL player’s life. To this end, it makes sense that Williams is extremely happy with his Katchakid® Pool Safety Net. He has three children—ages eleven, six, and one—and appreciates that pool safe nets can protect his kids and supports a minimum 485 lbs, as an extra precaution.

The Katchakid Pool Net in particular is created with high-quality, proven materials meant to protect the whole family. We offer a unique tensioning system that ranges from tight to very tight, as well as an Ez-Off portable storage roller that makes each pool safe net easier to remove and replace.

Not only that, but our durable flush mount anchors, along with our high-tensile-strength mesh material—which is saturated with UV-stabilized inhibitors—help to reduce deterioration and shrinkage. But the benefits of a pool safe nets aren’t limited to the top-quality materials we use.

How Do Pool Safety Nets Work?

Anchored by fasteners, swimming pool safe nets stretch across the surface of the pool and create a tight web. Our Central Tension System (CTS) makes the pool safety net harder to remove for young children. Our Pool Safety Nets are ASTM F1346-91 compliant and can be installed into most decks.

Williams can attest to the fact that our pool safe nets are versatile; they can be custom- installed to suit any pool or water feature. And while safety is undeniably the most important factor, another key feature of a pool safety net is that it blends in seamlessly with its surroundings, ensuring the beauty of the pool comes through.

Designed for Your Peace of Mind

Did you know that no child has drowned in a pool covered with a properly-installed Katchakid safety net? Even in extreme conditions, our nets are reliable and durable.

Essentially, we designed them for your peace of mind. Our technicians go through an intensive certification program to meet our standards, and are trained to cover pools of all shapes and sizes. Our team cares about the safety of your family as much as you do.

“Why not get a Katchakid Net to be preventive and proactive, and keep these kids safe?” Williams asked while spending time by the pool with his children.

We’re so grateful for the cornerback’s support. At Katchakid, we urge families to emphasize their children’s poolside safety, just like Teddy Williams has. Your swimming pool should be a place to sit back, relax, and spend time with your loved ones, so be sure to take the safety measures you need to have a positive experience and keep your pool safe.