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3. Kids Pool Party – Pool Party Games 

kids pool party Kids Pool Party Games

In planning your summer pool party, one important thing to consider is how to keep the kids safely occupied so that parents can take some well-earned relaxation time. Still, these pool party games might be so fun, you’ll have to join in! 

Pool Volleyball Game

Setting up for pool volleyball is easier than ever with this floatable net. Just grab a volleyball, divide your teams, and let the games begin! This game could go on forever because, unlike land-bound volleyball, the ball floats, meaning there’s a lot less running around (though a lot more swimming). Even so, building a team strategy can be challenging enough, and this game takes the classic volleyball dive to the next level. 

Pool Race

This pool party game is simple enough, and also brings some healthy competition to the pool. Set the stop-watch, line up the contestants at one end of the pool, and off they go! Find out who’s got an inner Michael Phelps just waiting to win the gold. 

Frisbee Golf with Sponges

To play this game, float 5-6 frisbees upside down in the pool with numbers written on them. The furthest away can be 15 points, then 10, and then 5 points for the closest. Take turns tossing the

Pool Party Game

sponge into the pool and trying to land it on the frisbees of choice to rack up the most points.

Creative Jump/Dive Contest

Who can come up with the most creative jump? Who can execute the most technical cannon ball? Find out with this fun contest. Set up different rounds and categories and let the kids show their

stuff. Note: Make sure this game is heavily supervised, and that the jumps are safe into appropriate water depths.

Balloon Collection

Blow up and float balloons in different shades at one end of the pool. Then, assign each swimmer a color and see who can collect the most balloons and swim them to the other end in 3 minutes! This pool party game is a winner all around – part speed swimming, part strategy, and overall hilarious to watch. 

Safety Always

While these games are sure to be a hit, remembering that putting safety first ensures that everyone can keep having fun by the pool. Keeping an eye on your kids and their friends while they’re by the pool becomes all the more difficult in a chaotic party setting, especially when you can’t be sure who’s been going to their swim lessons. Hiring a lifeguard or designating a water-watcher is a crucial step in planning a successful event by the pool.

Don’t forget to shut down the pool when swim time is over. Remind the children that swim-time is finished and replace your pool safety cover, pool safety net and lock your pool gate shut. For further safety information, check out this link, and be sure to stay tuned for more pool party posts coming soon! 

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