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The Cost of a Water Fall…

The pictures of the little kid reaching for something near the pool shake me up! Geez, “someone grab that kid before they fall into the water” I want to shout!

Pool owners can go crazy with features when building a new pool, but pool owning parents should consider the cost of “a fall in the water”, before spending thousands of dollars on a waterfall.! Spend that money on a fence, cover and alarm that will protect children from a fall into the water.

Drowning is a tragedy for everyone involved. The costs are enormous, emotionally and financially. The Childrens Safety Network listed the average cost of care for a drowning as $75,000 for the initial care, and if the child survives, long term nursing costs can average $180,000 per year.

Pool safety is no accident. Pool owning families must BE safe. Safety becomes the core value, and decisions reflect that. Smart pool owning parents will choose safety features and security barriers as part of the pool building plan. Don’t wait until the water fall is in, and your budget is shot before considering how to secure your pool! (and pass inspection!)

Ask your pool professional to explain all the possibilities for pool safety, before describing all the options for water features. Use multiple layers of physical and protective barriers like fencing, safety covers and nets, alarms on the doors, gate and in the water. Find the safety combination that will work for your family, so that all the memories of the pool will be happy ones!

Remember the ABCs of Drowning Prevention– Adult Supervision, Barriers, learn CPR and everyone learn to Swim!