Child Pool Safety and The Holidays

W.C. Fields is famous for his credited quote "Never work with animals or children," well for us working in child pool safety that's our job - and we love that we help parents keep their little ones safe around open water with our pool safety barriers.

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Texas Experiences Deadly Summer

Texas had at least nine media-reported fatal drownings in the month of August according to new data from the USA Swimming Foundation. Sadly, this same data show that Texas not only had the highest drowning rate in the month of August, but also for the entire year, with at least 35 drownings involving children younger than 6.

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Catchakid, Catch a Kid, or Katchakid?

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What's In A Name? Names are powerful mediums for expressing a person or an item's true nature, so when deciding on a name for his new pool safety cover, inventor Blair Esson wanted a unique name, one that would represent what his pool barrier would be to its end user.

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The Oakmont Pool Fence Houston

After months of trials, testing, and evaluating customer feedback, Katchakid is proud to present to the Pool Fence Houston market an exclusive color combination specially designed to match the scenery and landscape that is so unique to Houston - introducing the Oakmont Pool Fence.

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ASTM F1346 Pool Safety Covers

With pool barrier codes mandated in most US States to be confident of a high level of quality and safety select pool safety covers that are manufactured and installed to the most referenced code for pool safety covers -the ASTM F 1346-91 statute.

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The ABC’s of Pool Safety

Setting rules reduces the risk of harm to our children. We take action daily to protect them from injury, such as using car seats in the car, locking away medication, gating off stairways, etc. and these simple practices become the framework that helps to keep our children safe. Learn and follow the simple ABC's of Pool Safety to help to keep your children safe in and around swimming pools.

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